LED lighting worth buying, to our self-esteemed clients!
We offer complete lighting solutions, optimal and profitable, to satisfy your needs at a fair price, having 10 years experience and trusted suppliers.

LED lighting with LEiDs 40W HPS lighting, 240W and 125W Images from Galesti, top: LED ligting with LEiDs 40W and 80W lamps, bottom: with classic street light bulbs, 240W and 125W. Photos were taken with daylight setting. You can observe the lighting quality of LEiDs light, bright and accurate colour, good distribution of light, reduced glare. The greenish colour of the mercury light bulb is accurate, not so visible with the naked eye like in the picture, because the eye adaptation.

Save 60% of energy costs for lighting!

LED lighting proved to be more cost effective and reliable like traditional lighting solutions. Ekonoled products brings you the latest LED lighting technology.
Do you have large indoor spaces lit all day long? Do you need street lighting? Maintenance costs with lighting are affecting your business? Frequent switching is killing your light bulbs? If YES, we provide you cost effective, reliable and ecological long term solutions.

Example: the 60cm fluorescent tube with ballast is consuming 24W and is replaced by 9W LED tube, the 120cm fluorescent tube with ballast is consuming 45W and is replaced by 16W LED tube and the 150cm fluorescent tube with ballast is consuming 65W and is replaced by 21W LED tube.

WHY use ekonoled lighting:

  • Tremendous energy savings;
  • High lumen output;
  • Long life (lifespan over 50.000 hours);
  • High number of switching will not affect its lifespan;
  • Compatible with existing lighting systems;
  • Low maintenance cost;
  • Easy to direct light beam;
  • Large scale of colours;
  • Instant start;
  • Non-vibrating light;
  • Low heat dissipation;
  • No emission of ultraviolet or infrared beam, the light is not generating heat;
  • Sturdy and not harmful to health (without moving mechanical parts or toxic gas);
  • Protects the environment, no glare or strobe effect (no light pollution).

To WHOM we recommend ekonoled LED lighting?

For people to whom light is vital:
who are spending important amounts for office, factory, store or public space lighting daily.
For savers:
they can save up to 70% of lighting costs, using the latest generation ekonoled tubes.
For comfy people:
Installing an ekonoled product is a piece of cake due to its compatibility with usual lighting systems.
Those long term planners:
ekonoled LED products' lifespan is over 60.000 hours (14 years) without any maintenance, due to the latest technologies used to manufacture them.
To far-sighted managers:
they can reduce the operating costs of their business significantly. Entrepreneurs ready to invest for a profit after a break-even point of three-four years will become our best customers.
For environmentalists and appreciative to a healthy working environment:
ekonoled produces no glare or strobe avoiding light pollution, its light is not vibrating and is not emmitting heat.

Calculate your savings with ekonoled lighting!

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Saver lighting products

Save up to 60% of lighting costs! Experience instantly the benefits of the last generation ekonoled lighting by replacing ordinary light bulbs or fluorescent tubes with LED lights.

imaginea produsului 75W/115W/190W variants, equivalent with 120W, 240W or 400W HPS lamps. Mountable directly on the arm of the pole, weather and dust resistant.

imaginea produsului Equivalent with 100W or 140W bulb, power saving factor of 88%.more

imaginea produsului High quality power spot lamp, can replace 100W PAR spot.more

imaginea produsului NEW!!! Track light for food, special colouring to present food attractively, for retail, supermarkets, angle 38°, 2 circuit track mount, PHILIPS power supply of 30W, black body.more