TEST: ekonoled proved itself twice as energy efficient like usual fluorescent tubes

Four ekonoled tubes were tested against fluorescent tubes by the Sugas supermarket from Sfântu Gheorghe between 26.09.2008-13.10.2008.

The ekonoled tubes used 50% less electricity like general fluorescent tubes. Therefore they saved twice as much energy like accustomed fluorescent tubes.

Energy efficiency test details:

A four tube fixture containing 600mm/18W tubes was connected to an electronic meter during one week, from 09/26/2008, 15:00 until 10/03/2008, 15:00. The measured electricity consumption was 15,4KWh.

The same test was repeated using the same type of fixture, this time accomodating four ekonoled LED tubes of 600mm/9W, from 10/06/2008, 9:00 until 10/13/2008, 9:00. The measured electricity consumption was 7,7KWh.

In this case the ekonoled LED tubes saved 50% of the energy compared to everyday fluorescent tubes, using fixture of four 600mm tubes.

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