Lucid spot PAR38 ES (E27), 700lm

imaginea produsului High quality power spot lamp, can replace 100W PAR spot. Variants with angle of radiation of 15°, 25° or 40°, metal casing in white / aluminium / titanium / black.

Power saving of 80%. Product lifetime is 10 years, 10 hours/day! It is an electronic lighting device, not only a simple bulb! You can have additional savings due to lowering maintenance costs, it is working over 10 years without any maintenance costs.

Can be repeatedly switched on and off, not influenced by usual voltage variations.
Quality spot illumination due to optical lenses compared to conventional reflector sistems. No UV-rays and high colour rendering index, suitable for paintings, textiles, etc.
15x longer lifespan then conventional PAR spots.

Directly powered from 220V AC grid. Not dimmable!

Colour codes: WW=warm white, NW=normal white, DW=daylight white, CW=cold white

CE and RoHS compliant.

Technical data
Product codeEKO-LSPAR38-E27-WW/NW/DW/CW
Replacingspot 100W
Colour3200/4200/5500/6500 K
Luminous Flux490-700lm
Angle of radiation40°
Voltage220V AC
Sizediam. 123,5mm
Lifespan > 30000 hours

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